Electric Chair Documentary feat. Octavion X

by Tony Moon

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Collaboration track from the Octavion X 2011 mixtape "The Good News."
Produced by Just Plain Ant


i came in the game post haste in '08 with a dope tape
like a splash of acid into baphomet's goat face.
they tagged it as a hazard, an apocalypse for fake
rappers slash actors who have tarnished the soulscape.
demons tried alterin' Tone's fate.
but i popped pac-man pellets and i got on a ghost chase.
then secret societies invited me tryin to see
if i would sell my soul for notoriety like i would be
enticed to leave my beliefs to dine and feast on lies they feed
instead of tryin to exorcise the demons from inside of me.
the heretic who flew over the nest of the cuckoo.
trippin off a mescaline brew dude.
my exes throwin hexes think they messin wit voodoo
but every test and lesson's just a blessin to move you.
i pray for protection, 'cause when your message is truthful,
they put you in a chair that's electric and shoot you.




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