Lunar Plexus

by Tony Moon

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released August 10, 2010



all rights reserved
Track Name: Mic Check Ein Zwei
back from my vow of silence. so now i'm in endowed with science
i got from a tablet. behind mayan ruins, i found it lyin.
it's the child of zion. orphaned into babylon's boarding house to die un-
til i discovered the sound of rhymin.
guess it was all a test. all the best wishes.
'cause i'm back onto a lunar mission. but first i gotta scoop up sitchin.
he's ridin co-pilot
like a spiritual guide explaining hallucinations when high, and we fly with no license.
ressurectin rap's life like isis did osiris
flow nice as po-lice to whites is.
prolly 'cause i get high as rice prices
devestatin like the impendin economical crisis
we're the same despite lack of similarness or likeness
if the 4th dimension's time, the 5th dimension's mine kid.
ridiculous flow colder than bimini road boulders
their imminent goal's closer to dimmin my soul's aura


once again the beat is on, and he is stoned
like tesai, the guy from ninja scroll...seers reading the tea leaves and bones
see it in the ether, his speakin's so unbelievable.
audience longin to see me like waitin to see godot.
lunar plexus is the next chakra better believe it yo
i'll break it down in the ep for those who are a little slow.
til i'm out the belly of the dead beast completely undigested like red meat
i'ma wreck records to get free
with movements like rapid eye. the white rabbit died
so moon stepped up as a guide to expose the fascist lies
you act surprised, i lack the capacity to be pacified
don't ask if i believe mother earth matricide. it's classified.
the bastardized version of the truth's gonna collapse if i
have to do it my damn self wit more spins than a fan belt.
i'm an alien rockin a suit that's a man's pelt
but as long as moon's spittin the truth in the booth, he can't fail.

Track Name: Freedom
as the sun rises above horizon,
my mind spins like vinyl 45s just
tryin to cope with the truth and the lies man
like why all them mom and pop shop enterprises dyin?
cause wal-mart's got low prices we buy it
not knowin that it's chinese slave labor that drives it.
30 million political dissidents that's livin in
conditions akin to some concentration camp victim shit.
and then they got sweat shops, but i don't see no difference
and the shit is just like our prison system and
it's sickenin when the implications are considered and
"anti-government" is "terrorist" by definition and
niggas talk freedom but freedom don't exist in this
shit and it hasn't since the cultures were indigionous
at least not these days in the way that i wish it was
breakin chattel shackles, uphill battle like i'm sisiphus
la got me flyin higher than icarus
but my wings don't burn, they're flame retarded on the little bus
twist a swisher up or split a dutch, this is what
it must sound like when a dove just doesn't give a fuck.
'cause i been spittin for the masses, but they listen ta
what the mk-ultra repetitioners'll pitch to 'em
so i disappeared inta a world below the grid because
these days they'll stick a chip in ya to scan ya for your signature
my curriculum consisted of
readin written hieroglyphic scriptures from
ancient atlantean egyptians son
and i mixed it up wit gza, rza, biggie, 'bus
and literature...rotatin henny gently in my snifter cup
i had to get away to get in touch
i became an introvert because my solar plexus picks the spirits up
and the vibrations were negative so through my daily regiment
i realized that the external was irrelevant.
i saw my own aura it was evident and ever since
feelin that apparition in richmond, i been different.
oneness is real, everything else is fiction
forgive the contradiction.
i guess freedom exists, but beyond description.
somethin akin to ascension and it's inevitable
so rebel or whatever yo, evil's death is destined so
through masterin breath control and meditation methods fo'
my internal evolution, i'm feelin real unfettered so...
Track Name: Rebel Hell
rex 84. it's clear that they're prepared for war
so say no more, that's what this expose' is save us all.
i'm back from my hiatus y'all
and i'm sicker than ever spittin it better. never shoulda hacked the ancients' code.
and i make it known 'cause misery loves company
so come wit me see bum emcees go the way of the honeybee
orwellian double speak had me feelin freedom wasn't free
but luckily i ascended to end their skulduggery.
sending my thoughts like letters tethered to messenger hawks
chakras in line perfectly for deliverin darts
bridgin genres and eras of art. fellow slaves set your bearings to north
figuratively and spiritually speakin this is a beacon if ever you're lost
or felt music had a heavenly source...i'm breakin you off
a piece of what i learned durin the course
of meditation. further explanation to come at all costs.


until the bilderbergs do me like lennon, the music is spinnin
and moon is oozin his writtens.
super like shedder's mutagen's in 'im. boozin until the room that he sits in's
loopin and spinnin wit doobies droopin his two lids.
ooh shit, if you figure music's for movements
then we can ride right, but first after these two spliffs
the truth is, admittedly, a little confusin
so i asked the class to stop me if they think that i lose it.
refreshin like shawshank beers on the roof kid
to substances and beats, i'm abusive. elusive
cause moon's just a recluse in a cocoon, shut in.
either that or he's in a saloon drunken.
similar to bears in the winter that do nothin
cause i'm misanthropic despite the topic of our discussion
til i figured "fuck it". niggas need to hear this shit
it's an evolutionary imperative.

Track Name: Ghost in the Shell
ghost in the shell. soul's supposed to rebel
so smokin some L's refocused emotions i felt on this trail
and so it goes in this realm. from the gallows niggas fell
outta the oaks and the elms copin wit hell. well
i tried to wake 'em up from the hypnosis and spells
but there were so many sleepers, coulda opened a cell
hence the allegories i tell, steep like green tea leaves.
had to acupuncture my lungs to let my chi breath.
cause dc police can illegal search and seize me
fcc tampers wit frequencies easily
chem trails inhaled from an evening breeze, b
elite scheme, someone tell me this is a dream, please.
lucid as waking life. lucifer's pagan's might
be ruthless and take a life, but they'll never take my mic.
it's forged in crystal glaze
and sounds as profound as skulls found careved inexplicably against the grain.
i wield it same as a wizards cane just to slay
the darkness. i shine the light inside the villain's cave.
sometimes i feel the way my grandfather william would feel today
if he was alive. getting high to kill the pain.
but yo i'm still awake. i see the real and fake.
my 3rd eye vision's vivid as a cityscape.
don't ask me what the whispers say, that story's for a different day
obliterating ignorance every time i kill a break.
i meditate until the ceilin shakes and flow sick
with the encephalization quotient of a dolphin
echo locatin all of the false that's in the ocean
exposin the sodium laurel sulfate in your lotion.
dark forces focused on keepin us hopless
but don't fret, get your molotavs and your torches.
the course is of course gonna be hard divorcin
yourself from the illusion, but i must stress the importance.
portions of people waking up is increasing.
the beast sees this as less sheep for the fleecing
they're weakening, believe me. despite their deceiving
we're adapting to their tactics like darwin or i-ching.
we sing freedom songs like "mutha fuck a precinct!"
marital law's upon us - we call it policing.
we give up all our freedoms and we call it freeing.
if you ask me, it's orwellian double-speaking.
he tried to warn us like i'm tryin to warn y'all
and i won't stop until their dynasty falls. my promise to all.
if the ghost inside you's tryin to break outta them walls
then you know who you might wanna call, nigga...Moon.
Track Name: The Living Proof feat. Jah-I-Witness Emcee, Sunny Tuff, & Clara T. Street
moon, i'm the living proof that mircales are there if you
take a clearer inner view. let me drop a scarab jewel.
see i was born into this system of lies
just like y'all, brainwashed by the symbols they hide
in every form of the media, just to divide
us from ourselves and the source and the spiritual side.
satanic freemasons and them jesuits tryin
to weave their black magic spells through their rituals i
should've been hypnotized for the rest of my life
just like the 85% wit superficial in mind
yet i, through my dedicated meditation, elevated
passed their influence, had to do it just to sever satan.
you can awaken, and you can do it soon
just know without the love and oneness then you're view is skewed
you can get in tune to truth through the musical.
hell, if mr. moon can do it you can do it too.
Track Name: Crazy World
it's like cirque du sou lei on mushrooms meets krush groove
neil armstrong couldn't touch moon, i'm much too
high up from dutches and plus i'm a lush too
confused in this crazy world, what else can one do
to undo the untruths. they're microchip implanting the
planet, causing pandemics and famine. it's insanity.
either that or my manifested schizophrenic fantasy.
am i the only nigga who sees this, somebody answer me
like yo, everything that we put in our pie hole's
genetically modified so we can die slow.
capitalists patenting life fo' a price yo
til we're withered and disfigured monsanto side shows.
but not bob or mel. they conjure spells
like the cauldron of gargamel and azreal
it's hard to tell truth from the mirage, they still fluoridate our water wells
tired of hell? might as well hop up on the carousel.


always unsober or hungover, the blunt roller
mic check 1, 2, 1 until the sun novas.
reminiscent of a young yoda. amongst cobras
and so as far as flow's go, none's colder.
catch me tight rope walking on a high wire
trying to balance spreading the truth like it's wildfire
with not getting caught by the all seeing eye spier
i'm not tryin to fall like skydivers. they're all liars.
and i know the truth is really really hard to hear
and when i spit it in the booth, people tend to call me weird.
it's not their fault, it's distortion from the hall of mirrors
and the ringmasters are really good at causin fear.
it's all just scare tactic distractions
fascist bastards tryin to trap the masses.
madness is the only way to describe it.
where you gotta be a little mad just to survive it.


ladies and gentlemen...
step right up and take your ticket
play the games because they're rigged and
ride the rides until you're sick and
throw up. sho' nuff, nothing's what it seems to be
so to calm the nausea, moon rolls up the greenery.
it keeps me calm to maneuver through the scenery
where illuminati, they worship evil deities.
and it's more than for their amusement,
they're ruthless. trying to keep up trapped in illusion.
unplug like acoustic. hop on the ferris wheel y'all, lets start a revolution.

Track Name: All Right Snippet
i stimulate the pineal gland to get the mind to expand.
below the sphynx, under miles of the sand
edgar cayce saw it wit his 3rd eye in a trance,
a scroll wit this rhyme and plan for survival of man.
i buried it there in my past life on a tanned
piece of parchment before star ships has started to land.
it exposes the illusions, all the lies and the scams.
got reprimanded by elohim for designin a shem.
i just wanted to touch the heavens
and mortal man couldn't overstand a young nigga's lust for questions
abundant blessings led to undiscovered lessons
and from amongst the peasants sent a oneness message.
and 20 lifetimes later i still write rhymes greater
than the vedas so the cia mines my data.
if you wanna transcend, then recite my phrases.
when we ascend and find zen, then we can make it....all right.
Track Name: Paranoid Schizo Snippet
big brother and undercovers smother and bug us.
they've got our phones tapped and radar cameras hover above us.
the government covets control and stops at nothin to touch it
and turn around and ask us if we trust it. enough is enough wit
control grids. face, fingertips, eyes, and motions
are tracked alike so satellites know where your phone is
so at the first notion of revoltin, you're thrown in
a fema concentration camp so makin plans is hopeless.
freedom is the focus. i'm weary of associates.
cause anyone's an agent and i see them when they're scopin.
plus if you're a dissident and go against the system then
they listen in and follow you like twitter friends. it's sickenin.
global fascism is the mission and that tinted van
is startin to look mighty suspicious or i'm trippin man.
michigan militia men are on the right path.
catch me in a bunker wit guns and a chunk of nice hash...
Track Name: Lanchi Beye feat. B Sheba, Fatso, Tamika Jones, & AP
moon, the celestial being - i couldn'ta picked a better vessel to be in...
to reveal and wrestle these demons...
'cause they're trying to disconnect us from our essence and freedom...
so i'm here with fats, AP, bethel b sheba, and a chest full of reefer...
fresh from lessons on how to levitate speakers...
in a himalayan village with tibeten orishas...
i hope the equidistant sequential lettering codes
left in the message that we etched in the ether will reach ya...
i'ma extraterrestrial creature with features...
like telepathy...unleashed to get on the beats from.... scary as codex alimentarius...
flow is out of your radius, on excalibur status bitch...
'cause stoned is how I'm staying one can unearth me...
they're unworthy...and can't spit a thousand-bar verse...we're...
thirsty for truth...100 proof up in our challis, we...
sip it, then we spit it in the booth, this is the alchemy.
Track Name: Hold My Head Up feat. Noodles & Cram
i hold my head up tryin to see the sky. see chem trails that we breath inside.
if evil eye satellite captures my facial features, fine.
'cause it don't matter if the days are dark if all the people blind
and rather be divided and not be divine and read the signs.
i retreat to my discrete, confined secret shrine
trying to find some peace of mind and see beneath the lies the beast designed.
the road to truth is a lonely one, the only one
exposin sun worshipers while flowin with a golden tongue.
so i'm divorcin from the status quo and superficial.
i'm sorry, but i have to go and moon will miss you.
masses won't grasp it 'cause they mask it and illusion tricks you.
it's so tragic yo, you have to know the truth is in you.
these fascist bastards use black magic, don't confuse the issue.
where they sacrifice humans and animals in ruthless rituals.
my music hits you to show you math but you only laugh.
back to this lonely path. i pray this pain will surely pass.
Track Name: Requiem for a Lunatic
for somnambulists that run rampant in
the nocturnal, my journal shines like some amethyst
fresh out of dr. caligari's cabinet. ravenous when ravagin
lies propagandized upon the masses and
i'm tappin into frequencies with transcendental features. seen
duality of man manifested in some evil scenes.
so with the reefer, breath, like tai chi with chai tea.
moon can't describe the sights seen in the nights he's
submitted to the will of his 3rd eye's lead.
history or future, it's more lucid than when i dream.
so i transcribe these images to lyrics spit
wit the intent of liftin spirits like "cheers. here's to spliffs,
here's to liqs, here's to you if you feelin it."
my lyrics got layers. a mix of sediment and sentiment.
at beer pong tables, periodically in my element.
where we smoke volcanos for the mount saint hell of it.
and 'cause the beast sees menace in my melanin
and escapism's great; when i'm shakin, the haze is settlin.
i took the mask off to blast off like the elohim.
the late of a poet who ascended and never fell again

and nothin about my stanzas is standard. it's verified.
my flow is four nickles yo, it'll change your paradigms.
it's like they're terrified of paradise, whereas i
wanna pursue it as well as truth no matter where it hides.
i wanna live unaware of time and space to find
the place described by nostradamus and edgar cayce like
take me away from life. i see the pagan signs
waved in my face at night. the beast is gettin brazen, right?
the bars would take up a terabyte to explain it right
so vaporize the marijuana wit me; let's just take a ride
to where we can say goodbye to hatred, lies, and vacant eyes.
the strength of my henny got me feelin mighty sanctified.
a nigga fired 'cause a nigga was a frankenstein.
didn't fit the status quo, alien to the naked eye.
a walkin anachronism meant for ancient times
but while i'm here, i'll let the lunar luminescence paint the sky.
'cause whether new moon, full moon, or crescent, baby i
clue you in to sacred signs and do my best to stabilize
scales against the scaly ones tryin to take a life
but when i allude to the truth, y'all lookin at me crazy like...

so they wanna throw me in a padded cell,
a fema camp or jail. i see 'em lurkin where the dragons dwell.
i tried to shake 'em like a rattle tail. but niggas tattle tale.
shit, snitchin niggas make me mad as hell.
'cause how you gon' rebel for truth against illusion when coons is
too quick to give master the blueprint.
and then they ask why mr. moon is reclusive.
a nuisance to the beast. evolution through music.
Track Name: Bonus Track - Midnight Music
rest in peace to titus, thanks for the priceless advice
on some close encounters of 3rd kind shit. i light this
spliff for him and everyone like him that fight wit
being spiritually sensitive, tryin to survive this life when
elite practice ritual rite sacrifices
tryin to control the souls of the righteous. midnight is
when the music theater's the livest. its like if
madame zenobia's was in zion, but wit a slight twist.
psychic. throwin thoughts like what the fuck's a sidekick?
frequencies open portals to dimensions when the mic's gripped
lights flick, incantations resurrect the lifeless,
symphonies are simply, impeccably designed with
ascension of the mind in mind kid.
so put it on repeat so you don't have to press rewind and recline. scripts
remind kids of nazca lines wit
the pictures i paint. lyrical visuals visible from the sky, bitch.


the mic is like a magical talisman
i brandish it in my hand land to land when i'm travellin like a vagabond
seekin secret avalon, but only seein babylon
where life is like the saddest night that bled into the blackest dawn.
the awakening is soon, the paganists won't last for long.
for moon to get in tune, i felt i had to walk this path alone.
'cause the balance gon' and i'm to tryin to bring it back to
the world and make it stand still like that nigga klatu.
i was met by a silver being with a silken satchel.
from it, he withdrew a doobie and a crystal statue
gave 'em to me, warned me "demons in the mist will snatch you"
gave me directions and the blueprints to the kingdom's castle
told me that there's no such thing as a forbidden apple,
then he ascended into the sky in a spinning capsule.